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Grandma Jersey hits back with another absolute stonker. Such a simple recipe but, in my experience, it is that simplicity itself in food that produces the most striking dishes. Achingly clean and fresh, sweet, sour, almost asian – serve ice cold with fish, meat or anything that could do with an acidic side, to refresh and to cut through rich flavours.

This lady is proud aunt to a very prestigious chef on the USA food scene – when he shared this recipe with his bosses at the restaurants they went crazy for it and served it on the menu of one of the foremost restaurants in New York for a long time!

Make it once and you’ll get it.

Recipe (Serves 6)
Time: 10 minutes + 24 hours marinating time.


3 cucumbers, peeled and sliced thinly
4 medium sized spanish white onions, sliced thinly – judge yourself though how many you need depending on size. There should be the same proportion of cucumber to onion.
2 tablespoons white sugar
250ml white vinegar
200ml water

1. Combine all the ingredients in tupperware. Mix up so all are well mixed. Taste – increase the acidity or sweetness as desired.
2. Leave in the fridge to marinate for 24 hours.
3. That’s it! Serve ice cold.

Cool as…
Cucumber and Onion in the sweet, sour marinade